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The Kerr - Carpenter - Haigis House: Recent Photos

The Exterior Restoration

Doctor's Wing

Here we see the Doctor's wing as seen from Clark Street. The one story barn connector in the original structure has been replaced with a two story elegant entrance to the home. The raised stone wall brings eye appeal to the new lot while the barn has been outfitted with a door that is in keeping with the home and its historic past.

from Clark Street

Here we see the home from Clark Street with Central Street visible in the background. Once again, the stone wall and landscaping help tie the home to the lot. The home has been resided and has a new roof.

Doctor's Wing twin doors

The walkway off of the home's second driveway (the circular driveway) divides to serve both entrances on the side of the Doctor's wing facing Central Street. At night recessed lighting basks this area of the home in a soft light.

main house side entrance

The side entrance to the main house now boasts a brick walkway and granite steps that help the area stand out. Here Emelie Bonin from the Foxborough Historical Commission presents the house plaque for the Kerr - Carpenter - Haigis house to Dick Stevens while Jack Authelet, Official Historian for the Town of Foxborough, takes a picture of the presentation.

Inside - First Floor

circular stair

Inside the house is the elegant curved staircase leading to the second floor. Note the niche waiting for a suitable piece of artwork to be displayed for the new owners.

living room

A family room / living room on the first floor has been painted a regal red color while the wood floors have been refinished.

everyone loves a fireplace

The room is adorned with a modern convenience: a gas fireplace is capable of taking the chill off of the room in an instant. This helps bring the home back to a time when it had a large central chimney and probably fireplaces in several first floor rooms.

tin ceiling glow

The aquapearl finish added to the home's tin ceilings help highlight their beauty.

first floor master bedroom

A glimpse of the first floor master bedroom--the significant window space yields plenty of natural light, but recessed fixtures have been added as well.

first floor master bath

The first floor master bedroom has gained a new bathroom complete with his / hers granite sinks.


The area also boasts a walk in shower. I'm just sayin'--room enough for two.

large windows

Another first floor room shows a great supply of natural light and recessed lighting.

stained glass

The porch facing Central Street still contains the stained glass panels that were added by the Carpenter family in the 1890s when the porch was enclosed. The result is a beautiful light that fills the space.

Doctor's wing - fireplace

The Doctor's wing continues to stand out in the restored home. Note the unique fireplace, refinished floors, and original stained glass that adorns the windows. We believe this space probably started as the wheelwright's shop for William Kerr, later became an office for E.P. Carpenter, and finally served as the office for Doctor Haigis.

a glimpse outside

Just outside the window is the newly landscaped lot. When the sun shines, the glass panels here fill the room with unique light.


As the camera rotates to the left, we see one of the space's two exterior doors.

floor to ceiling woodwork

Another view of the fireplace and room's wood panelling. Behind the doorway is a sink area where you can still imagine Doctor Haigis washing his hands between patient visits. The camera moves to this doorway and turns back towards this room for the next shot:

plenty of storage

Each brass drawer pull has been polished to perfection.

tin on the walls

As we pass from the Doctor's wing towards the rear addition to the structure, note the tin in the room. The home's newest addition awaits us just past the doorway.

a new kitchen

The new kitchen greets us. Over the past twenty plus years of the home's use to house local small businesses, the existing kitchen had been partly transformed into office space. Cleary, a fully functioning kitchen was needed to bring the home back to a residential use.

new cabinets

As we turn left, a small desk space exists to make the perfect telephone message area. Beyond is space for the refrigerator. Note the granite countertops and the start of the kitchen island on the right.

new floor

A view from the right side of the room. The new floor, cabinets, and counter look outstanding.

new island

Here we see the new island with the windows beyond. The home's new house plaque rests on the island.

discussing the progress

Mr. Stevens takes a minute in the kitchen to discuss the process of preserving and restoring a historic structure.

laundry room

Just off of the kitchen is the first floor laundry room. Here the rear staircase leads upstairs to the second floor.

Inside - Second Floor

second floor bedroom

A second floor bedroom with built in drawers and tin ceilings that grace many areas in the home.

another bedroom

Another second floor bedroom is adjoined to a bathroom that shows just a touch or art deco style with its black and white color scheme.

front addition

Ah, one of my favorite rooms in the structure. Here is the second floor of the home's front addition which may garner attention as a home office. When the home stood at the corner of Central and Liberty Streets, the Union Straw Works stood across the street from this walk out door over the home's front porch. In my mind's eye I can see E.P. Carpenter walk out and stand to inspect his business venture.

Inside - Other Areas

second floor barn

The second floor of the barn maintains its character with exposed wood. On the original lot, the barn was smaller and faced Central Street. At one point in the late 1800s it was turned to face Liberty Street and a small addition was added to the rear of the structure.

a mystery

This spot was a mystery for some time. Here on the second floor of the barn appears to be a storage area, but for what? These dividers stand just under two feet off of the floor and one emailer suggested what was probably their purpose: to allow for the storage of screens and storm windows during the off season back before the invention of modern storm windows.


Just one quick view of the basement. The home originally only had small basement areas under the Doctor's wing (shown here) and the right side of the main house. But today a basement stretches out under the entire structure and reinforces the size of the building. The space has plenty of room for a basement workshop and pinball machine or other collection.

Please check back for updates - This page last updated 03/24/2018

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